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  • He’s travelled many thousands of kilometres, is over 70 years old, released his thirtieth studio album entitled “Ride” back in May and is now coming to the Dudelange cultural centre for the second time: Walter Trout.

    Trout is often mentioned in the same breath as Hendrix and Clapton. The blues rock legend had a tough time before he launched his celebrated solo career back in the late 1980s. There were self-destructive years as a stand-in lead guitarist for legendary blues musicians of the likes of John Lee Hooker, Big Mama Thornton and the Hells Angels-controlled formation Canned Heat. Phases in his life overshadowed by dark events and excesses. Trout explains the latter with his difficult childhood and the terrifying presence of his stepfather. And it is just these experiences that influenced his music for his latest studio album. Though these memories are from long ago, their echo is seemingly endless. With “Ride” as an emotional outlet, he seeks to reconcile with his past, embrace his future and arrive in the ever-evolving present. A tempestuous album that in part serves to process trauma. Angry, anguished, yearnful and emotional. But also topical and differentiated when Trout denounces the many lies in social media in songs like “High is Low”.
    With Trout, not only is a blues great coming to Dudelange, but also an excellent storyteller and a bon vivant who has experienced life in all its facets. An evening dedicated to the blues and to grand metaphors.

    Eric Steckel:

    In an era where pedalboards, laptops and samples have become commonplace, Eric Steckel goes against the grain and harkens his listeners back to the days when great guitars were played loudly through great amps. Hailed by many as the top rising star of Blues/Rock, Eric delivers a powerhouse performance that has left audiences in 25 countries (and counting) mesmerized. He brings an energy and passion to the stage that never disappoints and is a must see for fans of vintage guitar rock.