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opderschmelz - Grand Auditoire

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  • Readings: Şeyda Kurt in german, Florence Sunnen in english

    Presentation, curation: Luc Spada

    Turntables: DJ Kwistax

    BE OFFLINE is literature, debate and diversity. Always one topic, one presenter and one resident DJ. Content and form are fluid, the context both adaptable and resilient. With strong words, solid attitude and our literary guests Şeyda Kurt and Florence Sunnen.

     We talk about systems, connections, how things have always been and whether they still need to be so. Strong feelings, categories, patriarchy and power. Hate, love, what else?

    We extend a warm welcome to Şeyda Kurt. She writes and talks about politics, philosophy and left feminism. As an editor, she worked for the Spotify Original Podcast “190220 – Ein Jahr nach Hanau” (190220 – One year after Hanau), which won the Grimme Online Award. April 2021 saw the release of her debut non-fiction bestseller “Radikale Zärtlichkeit – Warum Liebe politisch ist” (Radical Tenderness – Why Love is Political) and March 2023 the experimental essay and bestseller “Hass - Von der Macht eines widerständigen Gefühls” (Hate – On the Power of a Resistant Emotion).

    We also welcome the Luxembourgish author Florence Sunnen. Her writing explores the strangeness of being human in a constantly changing and unreliable environment. Florence Sunnen published “Archetypes”, a collection of 21 character portraits, with Zagava Publishing in 2019. In 2021, she returned to her home town of Luxembourg, where she works as a writer, teacher and translator.

    The evening will be presented and curated by Luc Spada, and DJ Kwistax will provide the right beats on the turntables. Plus a themed cocktail and the literature of writers Şeyda Kurt and Florence Sunnen.