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opderschmelz - Grand Auditoire

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  • Tutu Puoane  - vocals
    Christie Dashiell  - vocals
    Sharrif Simmons  - spoken word
    DJ Grazzhoppa  - turntables
    Marcus Strickland  - saxophone & bass clarinet
    Jacques Schwarz Bart  - saxophone
    Andy Milne  - piano & keyboards
    Federico Gonzalez Peña  - Fender Rhodes & keyboards
    Jean-Paul Bourelly  - guitar & vocals
    Adam Falcon  - guitar & vocals
    David Gilmore  - guitar
    Reggie Washington  - basses & vocals
    Gene Lake  - drums  
    Marque Gilmore  - drums, sampling & drum programming
    Sonny Troupé  - drums & Ka
    For all lovers of jazz influenced by African music, hip-hop, funk, rock, fusion, jungle, Caribbean jazz and poetry.
    This artist collective presents "Great Black Music" as a source of moral truth and a powerful weapon against the scourge of racism. It was composed by artists who continue to fight for equality and social justice through music.

    Together with her husband, who is bassist Reggie Washingten, the founder of the Belgian music agency Jammin’colorS Stefany Calembert brought together 25 composers and artists from the United States, Caribbean and Africa. Twenty songs were recorded for the double LP ‘Black Lives – from Generation to Generation’. 

    Each song champions a colourful, cosmopolitan society. Also and especially reinforced by the Black Lives Matter movement in September 2020. The journey goes from African music through hip-hop, jazz and funk to soul, blues, opera, classical music and poetry. Even a girls’ choir from Mali features on the album.

    ‘Black Lives: From Generation to Generation’ is a collective of artists who campaign for equality and social justice through their music. Make a note of this absolute must-attend event in your calendar, as a fan of good music and an opportunity to gain new perspectives.