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opderschmelz - Grand Auditoire

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  • Under the direction of Lieutenant Colonel Jean-Claude Braun

    In the framework of the 125th anniversary of the Harmonie Municipale de Dudelange, the orchestra of the Military Band will give a concert at the Centre Culturel "opderschmelz" under the direction of Lieutenant Colonel Jean-Claude Braun.

    The Grand Ducal Military Band was founded in 1842 and is one of the most important contributors to the musical heritage of Luxembourg.
    In 1815, when the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg was created by the Vienna Congress, the need for a national army began to emerge. Due to political difficulties, it was not until 1842 that two infantry battalions were finally formed.
    On the 29th December 1842, the 1st Battalion, garrisoned in the abbey town of Echternach, founded the country's first military band under the direction of Franz Ferdinand Hoebich. Initially, the band consisted of about 25 musicians. The 2nd Battalion, garrisoned in Diekirch, was founded on 6 December 1847 under the direction of Jean-Antoine Zinnen, the author of the Luxembourg national anthem.
    In June 1868, the 2nd Battalion was disbanded and from that moment on, Luxembourg had only one military band, which today has 60 professional musicians.
    Since August 2012, Lieutenant-Colonel Jean-Claude Braun is the head of the Grand Ducal Military Band. He is assisted in this task by Captain Christian Kirpes, who has been deputy bandmaster since June 2014.
    In addition to official ceremonies for the Grand Ducal Court, the National Government and the Grand Duchy's Army, the Military Band gives about fifty concerts in Luxembourg and abroad and participates in numerous recordings for the most important music publishers.
    For reservations please send an email to mail@hmd.lu


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