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opderschmelz - Grand Auditoire

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  • Nico Wegé - batterie
    Félix Schaber - claviers
    Vincent Nolot - basse
    Jean-Jacques Wathgen - guitares
    Eric Figel - sax

    The fusion band IGUANA was founded in 1997 by Félix Schaber. The musical style was clearly fusion. Jazz elements were combined with Latin, funk, rock and bebop.

    The members at the time were Nico Wegé, Félix Schaber, Vincent Nolot, Jean-Jacques Wathgen and Eric Figel. All compositions were written by pianist Félix Schaber and drummer Nico Wegé. In 1999, the band released their first album entitled “Mysterious Planet”. 

    Engagements in France and Germany followed. Among them was opening the jazz festival “Am Brunnenhof” in Trier. IGUANA quickly made a name for themselves with their live performances. After three years, the musicians decided to take a break. 

    It would take a while, but in 2021 founding member Félix Schaber managed to reactivate the band, 19 years later. IGUANA 2.0 was born with two members of the 1997 band, Jean-Jacques Wathgen on guitar and Felix Schaber on bass. New additions were Eric Dürrer on drums, but he was again replaced by Gilles Wagner in February 2023. Luca Sales on keyboards and Julien Petit on saxophone also joined them.
    “IGUANA 2.0” is also the title of the second longplayer, recorded and mixed by Mike Butcher at Roll Studio. The new album will be released in April and contains ten tracks.

    “IGUANA 2.0” is more diverse, more contemporary, but also more surprising. An album aimed at a broad audience.

    The first 30 ticket holders will receive the album for free on the evening of the event, either as a CD or as a stream link, and every other ticket holder can purchase the album at a discounted price.