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  • With over 4,000 concerts all across Europe, Pippo Pollina is one of the most popular Italian singer-songwriters. His lyrical ballads, poetic protest songs and rock numbers showcase the unbridled creativity of the Dudelange audience favourite, who will perform at opderschmelz cultural centre for what will be the third time on 2nd February 2023.
    Pippo is currently on his ‘Canzoni segrete’ tour with the Palermo Acoustic Quintet to present his new album of the same name that was released in January 2022 to a live audience. ‘Canzoni segrete’ is about the power of music and the consequences of prosperity; about the strange pandemic and changed passions; about dreams, hopes and disappointments. While most of the songs were written between January 2019 and June 2020, some have their roots in past decades. He already wrote ‘Leo’ back in 1994 as an adaptation of a French original by George Moustaki, for instance. The chansons were recorded in studios in Italy, France, Germany and Switzerland, making this a complex project that not only challenged Pippo Pollina as a composer and poet but also as a thinker, musician and arranger. Pippo's language is tender and sensitive, yet reflective and at the same time filled with passion. And always with a fundamental reverence for the beauty of sound and the power of art. 
    The Sicilian singer knows that music is a gift. His fan community can look forward to new, mature and ambitious songs, though classics like ‘Centopassi’ and ‘Camminando’ also certainly won’t be neglected.