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  • The question of how many different talents a person can have is a tough one to answer. When it comes to Henry Rollins, though, the answer would most definitely be a great many: writer, spoken word artist, actor, presenter, DJ, musician ... There simply isn’t enough space to list all of his talents here.

    It is not without reason that Entertainment Weekly asks: “Is there anything this guy can’t do?” Indeed, there’s no clear answer to this question either. One thing is for certain though: Henry Rollins is a workaholic. A unique personality, who is always on the move, works ceaselessly and soaks up life in all its facets. In the process, he has risen to become a punk rock and spoken word icon and even won a Grammy with Black Flag along the way. Today, Rollins has all but retired from the music circuit and instead pours his energy into his stage programmes, presenting, writing and publishing.

    With his ‘Good To See You 2022’ tour, Henry now wishes to review his life to date – with anecdotes, opinionated (political) commentaries and a great deal of humour. Rollins will essentially do what he does best, namely tell a story. And his very loyal followers will undoubtedly hang on his every word, as usual – not least because of his distinctive voice.

    The American subculture phenomenon is above all one thing: Rollins in his purest form. An elaborate concept is not necessary, rather just a microphone, a realistic take on life and the one and only Henry Rollins.