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  • Taking up the torch, spreading the trance and the rhythm by touring the world to sing his political battles... Femi Kuti is back on tour and, in keeping with his convictions, he combines civic commitment with musical energy.
    On the 5th of February, a double album of a very particular kind was released: Legacy + (Partisan Records), bringing together two vinyls, one by Femi Kuti, Stop the hate, the other by his elder son Made Kuti, For(e)ward. This singular reunion is obviously to be placed under the star of Fela Kuti, herald of Afrobeat, father and grandfather of the two men. It is such a symbolic act that Femi and Made are on stage together. And even though Femi is in charge - if you can call it that, as they are both often on sax - it is a family and filial duo that is on stage.
    The Nigerian Femi Kuti has always had the urgency to denounce, as his father did, the corruption and political machinations in his country - and more generally in Africa. Beyond the need to perpetuate the shock that was the appearance of Afrobeat on the musical scene, Femi Kuti remains an artist who knows how to offer his audience torrid, generous and danceable shows, where energy is combined with commitment. These concerts are unique experiences from which one never comes out unscathed; Femi and his band can stay on stage for four or five hours!
    It is not so common for an artist to succeed in never distorting his struggles and to carry this noble idea of testimony and of sharing. It's a pleasure with every note. And for everyone.