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  • Viktor Lazlo - vocals
    Khalil Chahine - guitars
    Stephane Chausse - saxophones, clarinets, flutes
    Christophe Cravero - piano, viola
    Felipe Cabrera - double bass
    Arnaud Dolmen - drums
    Inor Sotolongo - percussion
    Viktor Lazlo was born in Lorient, France, to a Martinican father and a Grenadian mother.
    Passionate about music, painting and literature, she studied violin and then went on to study art history at the ULB.
    Spotted by a producer in 1983, she sang the soundtrack of Jean-Pierre Mocky's film "A mort l'arbitre". This was followed by fifteen  albums, four gold records and some forty television and cinema films.
    In 2010, she published her first novel: La femme qui pleure (Albin Michel, Charles Brisset prize).
    From 2011 to 2014, she performed in a show directed by Eric Emmanuel Schmit on the life of Billie Holiday. Her second novel is a continuation of this. After a third novel published by Albin Michel, she joined the publishing house Grasset.
    "Trafiquants de colères" published in January 2020, is the second part of this saga which embraces in the same movement the memories related to the persecution of the Jews and to slavery.

    35 years of friendship, with occasional collaborations, and here I am, very proud to write these few lines and to have participated for a duet in this new opus, "Suds", by my great friend and sister Viktor Lazlo.

    The first time we worked together was on a piece I had written with Pierre Van Dormael for her and the Count Basie Orchestra, "Hey Baby, Cool", arranged by Frank Foster. She then joined us for the recording of the album with James Baldwin, "A Lover's Question" in 1986, where her clear and precise voice sounded like the phrasing of a muted trumpet that takes the floor and has now accompanied us for decades.

    Among his many significant encounters was that with Khalil Chahine in the early 90s, whose complicity resurfaced to deliver a luminous and strong, poignant and clear musical narrative, whose notes accompany the energy of his latest novels up to this unexpected counterpoint. Here we are several crossroads later, and all of Viktor's expression is situated at crossroads and in places as important and surprising as any other, whose very expression, in music as in literature, is the fruit of a profound reflection on his, our place in this world in all its mixed, profound and contradictory, upsetting but also joyful and sunny. "Suds" is the echo of this, a sung dance that keeps us in rhythm from the beginning to the end, thanks to Khalil Chahine's compositions and arrangements and to the hand-picked musicians, like the breath that calms us once the storm has passed.

    David Linx