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  • ROME

    Luxembourg-born singer-songwriter Jerome Reuter founded his multilingual project ROME (ROME is a derivative of his first name) in 2005 and has since created an impressive body of work that includes at least 15 studio albums and numerous other official releases.
    ROME's "Dark Folk" is compelling, combining diverse musical influences ranging from post-punk to chanson. Lyrically, he draws inspiration from world literature, from Burroughs to Brecht, from Celine to Cioran and from Hesse to Jünger. Reuter's detailed, well-researched and yet particularly accessible conceptual albums convincingly demonstrate his interest in history, philosophy and art. What is inherent in all of ROME's work, however, is Reuter's love for being an outsider. "Flowers From Exile" (2009) tells of an exiled Spanish anarchist revolutionary, "Nos Chants Perdus" (2010) of the French Resistance, "The Aesthetics of Freedom from Rule" (2011) of underground fighters who borrow from the literature of Peter Weiss to the Rhodesian bushwhacker in the song "A Passage to Rhodesia" (2014).
    The protagonists of ROME are often those who stand outside of the limelight, trying to walk through the fires of life with dignity and composure. "Movement comes from attitude" - this famous slogan, which was on ROME's very first release in 2005/2006, still holds true today. 


    Brian Brody 

    For over 20 years, Brian Brody has become a fixture at home and abroad. In his home city of Dublin, Ireland, Brian has been hailed as "one of Dublin's best-loved entertainers" [Evening Herald] and has won awards for his performances and contribution to Irish tourism.
    With an extensive repertoire that includes an endless amount of traditional Irish classics and original Irish compositions, Brian's unique style and profound way of entertaining is appreciated by all ages and nationalities.