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  • The Outside Track concert, originally scheduled for December 2020, has been postponed to 24 November 2021.
    If you want to experience Christmas from a new perspective, Ireland and Scotland are highly recommended destinations. Both countries on the edge of Europe have a unique character which is reflected in the way they celebrate Christmas. The Irish, Scottish and Canadian band The Outside Track has put together an entertaining and exciting programme with "The Essence of Irish & Scottish Christmas". 

    They not only amaze their audience with unusual Christmas customs but also provide their historical background. Some of the most famous carols will be heard in polyphonic singing. Who knows "Silent Night, Holy Night" in Gaelic? Christmas in Celtic countries is not only an occasion for reflection but also for throwing a big party. It is a time for celebration and dancing. The ladies are virtuoso musicians with immense energy who have brought every hall to a boil with their jigs & reels. And that for over 10 years now! They have won international prizes such as the German Record Critics' Award.

    In Canada, and especially in Cape Breton, a province that has been shaped by Irish and Scottish emigrants, Christmas is the time for "kitchen parties". Neighbours visit each other bringing pastries, drinks and above all musical instruments. Then they sing, play and dance all night long. The Outside Track will bring these customs and traditions to life with their refreshing and creative interpretation of Celtic music:Exuberant playing mood, impressive virtuosity, tap dance interludes, unconventional arrangements and singers with unique voices.  This is "The Essence of Irish & Scottish Christmas" and a wonderful preparation for the most beautiful time of the year. 


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