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opderschmelz - Grand Auditoire

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    The very name Danceperados of Ireland symbolises the ensemble's enthusiasm for Irish step dancing. Loosely translated, it means "The Danceperados". Yes, the Irish can't stop dancing, singing and playing. It's in their blood. Fishing is also part of the Irish DNA.

    An old proverb says: "If you want to get to the source, you have to swim against the current." This not only applies to the salmon that swims upstream from the great wide sea to the place where it was born. All musicians and dancers who want to be authentic also aim to get as close as possible to the origins of Irish tradition.
    With "Hooked", the Danceperados have created a new rousing show that combines the fascination of fishing and dancing with music and song. "Hooked" is a tribute to the customs and traditions of maritime communities, where things are so wonderfully different from the big cities. The songs and stories about the sea take us back to a time when people were still self-sufficient and led a simple but self-determined life. But a dangerous one! 
    Another big difference to other tap dance shows is that the Danceperados perform live! Many of their competitors play to the audience with half or even full playback. The Danceperados of Ireland have a completely different quality standard and therefore took the lead in 2014 in a movement that aims to free Irish tap dance from the clutches of the big producers and bring it "back to the roots". The media and fans are electrified by the power and expertise of this new and honest concept.