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opderschmelz - Grand Auditoire

Ouverture des portes à 19h00

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  • Pierre Boespflug - piano & composition

    Eric Echampard - drums

    Jérôme Fohrer - double bass

    After completing his studies in classical music, Pierre Boespflug devoted himself to jazz and improvised music. He is also strongly influenced by contemporary music, especially the work of the French composer Olivier Messiaen.

    His projects often combine different artistic disciplines such as theatre, puppetry, dance, film, and writing. It is therefore not surprising that the music written and improvised by Pierre Boespflug combines the energy and surprises of jazz with the colour spectrum of Olivier Messiaen's piano works and writings. By focusing on the connection between the written and the improvised, the formal and the sensitive, the composer and pianist create a wide musical palette. The result is an infinite variety of tonal colours in piano playing. For the Couleur.S Trio, Pierre Boespflug surrounds himself with the exceptional musicians Jérôme Fohrer on double bass and Éric Échampard on drums, who are outstanding both in their skill and in their creativity. Together, they explore the composer's vast musical universe, integrating the material from Couleur.S solo into their collaboration as a trio.

    The audience at opderschmelz will not only be treated to the finest piano sounds, but will also witness a continuous artistic development.