Centre Culture Régional
Dudelange opderschmelz

1a rue du centenaire
L-3475 Dudelange


opderschmelz - Grand Auditoire

Ouverture des portes à 19h00

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30 €

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  • An electrifying Italian folk-rock evening at the opderschmelz cultural centre with the great bands Nidi d'Arac and Modena City Ramblers.

    Nidi d'Arac is a pure dance and sound delight. It is an all-night party that resonates with its fans on a spiritual and emotional level. Similar to a rave event, it combines the melodies of Italian pizzica folk dance with the captivating rhythms of an urban environment. A significant contribution to this unique experience comes from the collaboration with DJ "Sound-Manipulator,", who skilfully knows how to fuse traditional influences with contemporary club culture. On top of that, Alessandro Coppola, Lecce's charismatic lead singer, contributes his work which consistently reflects his love for Mediterranean culture.

    The Modena City Ramblers were founded in 1991 as an Irish folk group and are bound together by their love of music and the traditions of the Emerald Isle. For over 30 years, they have enjoyed success with their albums and live tours in Italy, Europe and also in Dudelange, where they were already guests at the Zeltik Festival in 2020. In 2022, the Modena City Ramblers started their tour to present "Appunti Partigiani". An album released in 2005 that achieved gold status and set a milestone in their career. As part of the current anniversary tour, they will be back in the south of Luxembourg to perform at opderschmelz cultural centre. This time to present their new album "Altomare".

    With Nidi d'Arac and Modena City Ramblers, we can look forward to two exceptional bands that will offer the entire audience a perfect musical experience with their incomparable enthusiasm and dedication to music.