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opderschmelz - Grand Auditoire

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  • Edward Perraud - drums and electronics
    Pascal Schumacher - vibraphone, keys and electronics
    Sebastian Studnitzky - piano, trumpet and electronics

    Everything fitted. Everything was in its place. The creative flow between the three musicians was completely synchronised. But the three of them are also characterised by an important common denominator. Namely, to move freely between acoustic and electronic sounds and instruments. There are no stylistic restrictions. Not surprisingly, when you look at the artists’ artistic routes.

    Pascal Schumacher is a Luxembourg jazz vibraphonist, composer and bandleader. He works with diverse musical styles, specialising in vibraphone and marimba. He regularly flirts with electronic music and participates as a composer and musician in various formations. Among other things, he is a welcome guest at opderschmelz as a duo with Sylvain Rifflet or in his own quartet. Edward Perraud is also a versatile percussionist, composer and art photographer. So it is not surprising that he is equally undeterred by musical genres. Jazz? Chansons? Indie rock? All of them together? Not an issue. The third in the group is multi-instrumentalist Sebastian Studnitzky. A permanent fixture in countless bands, he studied jazz as a trumpet player and pianist and has contributed to numerous record productions ranging from pop to electro.

    What makes the three men one is their joy in movement, in change and the constant search for that certain something. The audience in Dudelange can look forward to a musically multifaceted and musically unpredictable evening.