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opderschmelz - Grand Auditoire

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  • Edward Perraud - drums and electronics
    Pascal Schumacher - vibraphone, keys and electronics
    Sebastian Studnitzky - piano, trumpet and electronics

    Everything fitted. Everything was in its place. The creative flow between the three musicians was completely synchronised. But the three of them are also characterised by an important common denominator. Namely, to move freely between acoustic and electronic sounds and instruments. There are no stylistic restrictions. Not surprisingly, when you look at the artists’ artistic routes.

    When Pascal Schumacher, Edward Perraud, and Sebastian Studnitzky first crossed paths during an artist residency program in Dudelange (Luxembourg), they never expected that their collaboration would yield such remarkable results. As they began to play together, an inexplicable magic happened - a seamless interplay of musical ideas, where everything fit perfectly and the creative flow was completely synchronized. What sets the three musicians apart is their versatility and their willingness to experiment with different styles and techniques. They are equally at home with acoustic and electronic instruments, and they perform without stylistic restrictions. This allows them to create music that is truly unique, blending elements of jazz, classical, and electronic music into a seamless whole.
    Pascal Schumacher is an accomplished vibraphonist and composer who received formal training in classical music. He has earned multiple awards and recognition for his innovative work in music composition and performance. Edward Perraud is a French drummer with a strong background in jazz music. He has collaborated with some of the most prominent names such as Michel Portal, Henri Texier, Fred Frith, Thomas de Pourqery, and Louis Sclavis. Meanwhile, Sebastian Studnitzky is a versatile German musician who has established himself as a gifted trumpeter, pianist, and composer. He is widely respected for his unique ability to blend various music genres and styles seamlessly, earning him critical acclaim from music enthusiasts and experts alike.
    Together, Schumacher, Perraud, and Studnitzky form a compelling musical trio. They have created a sound that is both deeply rooted in tradition and forward-thinking, with a focus on improvisation, spontaneity, and interaction. Their music is a testament to the power of collaboration, and their performances are a thrilling and unpredictable journey through the worlds of jazz, classical, and electronic music."