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opderschmelz - Grand Auditoire

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  • CrossBorder Blues are three extraordinary artists on the road. Triumphant, curious and legendary in their constellation.

    CrossBorder Blues, with the album of the same name, can and must be called a supergroup. Three award-winning artists with diverse backgrounds explore new sound structures and enrich the spectrum of acoustic blues. Free of clichés, precise and playful virtuosos. A clash of superlatives without trying to be loud. 

    Harrison Kennedy with his practised voice, banjo and guitar. The main characteristic of his work is eclecticism with the particularity of linking tradition and modernity. At his side Jean-Jacques Milteau, a master of the harmonica. He is considered one of the most blues-savvy artists in France and has been awarded two “Victoires de la Musique”. The third in the group is Vincent Segal on cello. He has been awarded an impressive number of “Victoires de la Musique” and skilfully switches back and forth between musical genres. He has played with countless greats from the music scene such as Chuck Brown, Ibrahim Maalouf or Sting, among others. 

    A European and musical megaproject that adds new facets to the blues without ever falling prey to nostalgia.