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  • Harmonie Municipale Dudelange

    HMD Classic Rock Project Band

    Majka Kiefer, vocals

    Manuel Lothschütz, vocals

    Rainer Dettling, drums

    Stefan Engelmann, bass

    Martin Preiser,  keyboards

    Christof Brill, guitar

    and Dream Catcher

    John Rech, vocals

    Christof Brill, guitar & vocals

    Wolfgang Wenner, violin

    Eric Falchero, piano, accordeon & vocals

    Claude Zeimes, bass & vocals

    Rainer Dettling, drums

    Program :

    HMD & HMD Classic Rock Project Band :

    Opening : Status Quo
    Solsbury Hill, Peter Gabriel
    Rock you like a Hurricane, Scorpions
    Classic Rock Project Band : Don ́t Stop Believin’, Journey Classic Rock Project Band : Urgent, Foreigner
    Radio Gaga, Queen
    Cryin, Aerosmith
    Hold the line – Rosana – Africa, Toto Medley


    Dream Catcher & HMD Band

    HMD & HMD Classic Rock Project Band :

    Panik, Udo Lindenberg Medley
    Classic Rock Project Band : Dancing in the dark, Bruce Springsteen Classic Rock Project Band : Eye of the tiger, Survivor
    I don`t want to miss a thing, Aerosmith
    You Shook me all night long, ACDC
    Harmonie Municipale : Pur on Tour
    Classic Rock Project Band : Purple Rain , Prince
    I would do anything for love, Meat Love
    Final Countdown & Jump, Rock Anthems Medley