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Dudelange opderschmelz

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opderschmelz - Grand Auditoire

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  • Simone Zanchini - accordion 

    Ratko Zjaca - guitar

    Martin Gjakonovski - acoustic bass 

    Adam Nussbaum - drums 

    ZZ Quartet are Simone Zanchini on accordion, Ratko Zjaca on guitar, Martin Gjakonovski on acoustic bass, and Adam Nussbaum on drums. Together, the four men impress with a unique musical vision that absorbs all kinds of music, processes it and spits it back out again in a reflected interpretation.  

    Start of tour 2022

    The four musicians have very diverse musical backgrounds, coming from jazz, modern classical, world music and always free improvisation. Each brings his own musical energy to the group. Four unique virtuosos in an interplay of individualism, pure skill, quiet intimacy and passionate intensity. Coupled with the symbiosis of original compositions and “à la minute” improvisations.  

    The soundscapes that emerge are grounded in the musicians’ personal histories, yet at the same time push the boundaries of modern improvised jazz music. 

    ZZ Quartet has released four albums so far, including the ‘Midnight in Europe’ live album that came out in April 2021. The four-piece jazz band will perform its like-named repertoire live and in colour at opderschmelz cultural centre. A must for all jazz fans!