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  • Michael Sadler – vocals, keyboards, bass
    Ian Crichton – guitar
    Jim Gilmour – keyboards, vocals
    Mike Thorne – drums, vocals
    Dusty Chesterfield – bass, Moog, keyboards
    Unfortunately, shortly before the end of its first leg, the “Out Of The Shadows Tour” had to be canceled in spring 2020 for known reasons. SAGA was probably the last band that was able to play successful concerts in mostly sold-out halls just before the start of the Covid pandemic. This should now be continued under the motto "A Night To Remember". The tour starts again in Scandinavia and concerts in the Netherlands and Luxembourg are also on the schedule. In any case, 2021 saw their album "Symmetry" make it to number 11 in the German album charts and even ' in the danish album charts. The band has experienced a kind of renaissance in recent years, their music is suddenly rediscovered by many. Live SAGA are one of the best bands you can experience. Michael Sadler's statement: "We were always honest with the audience and with ourselves, made no compromises, never made music for the sake of the charts." Their hits are definitely included, "Pitchman", "Tired World", "Wind Him Up" and "Humble Stance". Whether one or the other arrangement from the “Symmetry” album wiill make it's way into the set cannot yet be revealed.