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Dudelange opderschmelz

1a rue du centenaire
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opderschmelz - Grand Auditoire

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  • Federico Casagrande, guitar

    Claudio Filippini, piano & keyboards

    Pol Belardi, bass

    Paul Wiltgen, drums

    Take four musicians from Italy and Luxembourg, invite them to an artistic residence, see them record in Cavalicco (IT) and hear tracks mature at Cam Jazz label: WiFi CaBel is ready to serve their brand-new project Unplugged. Luxembourg’s Pol Belardi and Paul Wiltgen and Italy’s Federico Casagrande and Claudio Filippini, all players with recording histories of their own, are happy to submerge identities in a group situation.

    The “unplugged” movement divided fans. Some thought it was a fresh new approach to old songs. Some thought it took the sting out of music. Relax. This Unplugged has electricity in both senses, and the title is largely a pun on the band name. Unplugged hosts ten tightly organized original compositions with writing credits for all four members. Immaculately recorded, the group sound is sophisticated but warm, without any of the superficial glitter that sometimes afflicts projects like these. It has the immediacy and presence of an unplugged session, but still allows amplification and effects to widen and deepen the sonics.