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Dudelange opderschmelz

1a rue du centenaire
L-3475 Dudelange


opderschmelz - Grand Auditoire

Ouverture des portes à 19h00

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20 €

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  • With: Acacio Barbosa, Cristiano Dias Andrade, Fräncki Friederich, Laura Fischbach, Jacqueline Schockmel, Laurent Blitgen, Lelita Almeida, Nathalie Dumont, Pedro Cardoso, Vincent Borruto, Raphaël Lux, Sandra Fitas Fernandes
    Outside eye: Claire Thill
    Choreography: Angélique Arnould
    Videomapping: Paul Schumacher
    Cameraman: Olivier Koos
    Music: Emre Sevendik
    Lighting: Gonçalves Loutsch
    Costumes: Michèle Tonteling
    Supervision: Gary Wirth, Jessica Renard, Gilles Seyler

    On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of cinema, this abstract dance performance honours cinema in its integrity, through visuals and an original soundtrack. From the birth of the moving image to the introduction of special effects, through documentaries, telenovelas, film noirs, horror films, etc., the genres will be revisited. This performance will not fail to go through the major stages, as well as the technological feats of cinema since its creation.

    In co-production with the Mierscher Kulturhaus


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