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HAKOBUNE IKUYA SAKURAI, DIRECTION/CHOREOGRAPHY/ DANCE / SOUND COLLAGE/LIGHT DESIGN MICO SAKURAI, ART INSTALLATION/COSTUME DESIGNE/ PHOTOGRAPHY/PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT SAKURAI IKUYA/CROSS SECTION, PRODUCTION TOMÀS TELLO, SOUND OPERATOR BRICE DURAND, LIGHT OPERATOR DURATION 60-65 MIN. “Hakobune” is the japanese word for ark and symbolizes here the journey from destruction to regeneration. The solo dance piece, created and performed by Ikuya Sakurai, butoh choreographer and dancer from Tokyo, consists of an incessant movement of the dancer’s body during a whole hour. It realistically portrays images of life, death and rebirth through the energy which is ceaselessly released with the intense concentration and the transformation of the dancer’s body. The piece was created from Ikuya Sakurai’s personal experience of the Tohoku earthquake and the explosion of the nuclear plant in japan 2011. Through this performance he expresses the mourning for the dead and the encouragement for the surviver’s future. Hokobune is about destruction, loss, radioactivity which keeps on falling, as well as the human figure who tries to find the light from out of the darkness. Ikuya Sakurai’s dance piece prefigures a modern apocalypse and, at the same time, a beautiful meditative performing art which entrusts infinite sympathy for the human body and life. ****** CALLEJON YUKO KOMINAMI, DANCE TOMÁS TELLO, MUSIC BRICE DURAND, LIGHT DURATION 20-30MIN. The dance is specially created for the Touch of Noir Festival. Calléjon means alley in spanish. The dancer moves in the alley, forth and back, getting lost, finding back and leaded to a dead end. Is she a rat in a bag or a flower blooming out of season? In the kaleidoscope of light, shadow and darkness, the questions about destiny become irrelevant. We all encounter death (and birth) somewhere, just here? We can laugh or cry, resign or struggle, rage or love. We keep on going through the alley. COPRODUCTION: CCRD OPDERSCHMELZ AVEC LE SOUTIEN DE: FONDATION INDÉPENDANCE MINISTÈRE DE LA CULTURE CREATED IN RESIDENCE : CENTRE DE CRÉATION CHORÉGRAPHIQUE LUXEMBOURGEOIS - TROIS C-L