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opderschmelz - Grand Auditoire

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  • What started as an innocent little plan for a single unplugged tour with a name that was far too long in the late summer of 2023, was then received with an almost exuberant warmth by you and sold out in so many places in no time at all, which led to one and a half new editions in January and May 2024 and simply never gets tired of spreading joy, can go on! Or should it?

    All good things come in threes, you know that. 
    Guys, we're doing it again! Because you never get tired of asking and because we never get tired of being happy and joyful. It has really softened our hearts to see you again, in real life and up close, in clubs and locations that are built for the purpose of a cosy campfire without a campfire.
    So strap yourselves in for: 
    'Jupiter Jones Unplugged 3 - LEISE! TÄTOWIERT! MITTELALT! JETZT ERST RECHT!' (Yes, exactly! As with 'Stirb langsam 3 - Jetzt erst recht!' - Just had to do it again, made sense, we needed it).
    22 years of Jupiter Jones reduced to the most important, cosy form. Three people (Nina, Sascha, Nicholas) on keys and strings, vocals and anecdotes. Your Jack Bauers of German-language EarlyWasTheMore punk music are back. Why? Because we can do it and you want it! Be honest!
    We are happy
    Your Jupis