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Criss Cross Europe 2015th Edition

Pit Dahm (Luxembourg) - drums

Michal Bugala (Slovakia) - guitar

Mattias De Craene (Belgium) - saxophone

Matthias Lindermayr (Germany) - trumpet

Manu Mayr (Austria) - bass

Loran Witteveen (Netherlands) - piano

Julien Chamla (France) - drums

TRIO Reijseger Fraanje Sylla

Ernst Reisjeger, cello

Harmen Fraanje, piano,vocals

Mola Sylla, vocals, percussion

Une soirée jazz en 2 parties : 

Criss Cross Europe -  2015th edition

Criss Cross Europe est un projet européen né du désir de soutenir les jeunes musiciens de jazz de plusieurs pays européens en les faisant se rencontrer, travailler, créer et se produire ensemble sous l'égide d'un maître de jazz expérimenté. Les partenaires Criss Cross Europe  - 7 en tout - sont actuellement : JazzLab Series, Gent – Belgium / Jazzus Productions, Reims – FranceJazzclub Unterfahrt, Munich– GermanyMusic Centre Slovakia, Bratislava – SlovakiaMusic: LX, Luxembourg City – LuxembourgMuzieklab Brabant– Netherlands/ Porgy &Bess, Vienna - Austria

Chacun désigne un jeune musicien de son pays et pour chaque promotion un bandleader est désigné qui accompagne les musiciens durant la rencontre. Les partenaires s'engagent à organiser une tournée dans les sept pays. Elle est une belle opportunité et une expérience unique pour les musiciens.

Michal Bugala finished his guitar studies at the Jazz Institute of the University of Music and Dramatic Arts in Graz (Austria) with prof. Guido Jeszenszky. He is a member of FuseJazz, Juraj Griglák Company, “Bass Inferno”, Oskar Rózsa Partnership Unlimited, Martin Valihora Group, FunkPunk Project, Marcel Palonder & Tango Ultimo, Štefan Bartuš & JazzBrothers.

He played and performed with outstanding Slovakian and international artists, like Victor Bailey, Poogie Bell, Eric Marienthal, Gary Husband, Mark Mondesir, Andy Middleton, Harry Sokal, Mark Kelley, Howard Curtis, Jure Pukl, Martin Reiter, Damion Reid, Vicente Archer, Reuben Rogers, Reggie Washington and many others.

At the end of 2008, he based his own formation called Michal Bugala Group, what is a logical result of his compositional activities and musical practices from his previous activity on the musical scene, in the sphere of other formations and projects as well. In the Michal Bugala Group, he is presented as a composer, too.

Michal’s second solo album Y won the prize Esprit for best slovakian jazz album of the year 2012.


Coming from the experimental rock scene, Julien Chamla studied jazz standards, composition, arrangement and orchestration at the American School of Modern Music. From improvised minimal and repetitive music to massive and noise music, he later on developed an experimental vocabulary based on scratchings, roughness and tension, exploring a full range of frequencies.

Eager to expand the possibilities of his instrument, he designed an electric bass harp and included it as a part of his drum kit. Julien is currently involved in VEGAN DALLAS (with Benjamin Flament, Richard Comte, SimonHenocq), HIPPIE DIKTAT (with Richard Comte, Antoine Viard), HELVED RÜM (with Simon Henocq), TRIPES (with Jean-Brice Godet, Marco Quaresimin), RITUAL EXTRA (with Lauri Hyvärinen, Tuukka Haapakorpi), SPEZIAL (with Hasse Poulsen, Olivier Lété).


Pit Dahm (*1990), is a drummer, multi-instrumentalist and composer from Luxembourg. Pit started playing drums at the age of 4 with the drummer Alain Ginter. Aged 6, he started playing classical percussion, piano and started taking their relative theory lessons at the Conservatory of Luxembourg. After finishing classical as well as jazz studies in Luxembourg he moved to Amsterdam in 2010 to pursue further studies on the drums with Martijn Vink, Marcel Serierse, Lucas van Mervijk and Gerhard Jeltes amongst others.

In 2012, he won the Prinses Christina Concours with the Floris Kappeyne Trio.

Pit also recently won the Dutch Jazz Competition with the Loran Witteveen Quintet as well as “The Records” of the Keep An Eye Foundation with Pol Belardi’s Urban Voyage and graduated from the Conservatory of Amsterdam. As drummer of the Loran Witteveen Quintet, Pit is also part of the Young VIP tour 2015.

He is currently living in Brussels studying for his Master’s Degree and playing with various bands and tours with his own band Pit Dahm Trio.


Mattias De Craene is a Belgian saxophone player who graduated in 2014 at the School of Arts Ghent. He is a member of the jazz rock formation and revelation Nordmann.

Nordmann started up in Ghent in 2012 when 4 students of jazz teamed up to experiment and channel their shared love for rock music. Nordmann’s critically acclaimed 2014 EP promised an eager and adventurous quartet, sparkling with ideas, and on their debut album Alarm! they surely deliver. Their songs might seem complex at first glance, but with repetitive and catchy riffs, tied together by saxophone licks and carried by a rabid yet graceful rhythm section, they manage to draw in the listener and keep a firm grip throughout the trip.

Their blend of jazz and rock makes heads turn. They won the Belgian Muziekmozaïek Jazz Contest in 2012, and won the Storm! Jazz contest in 2013..

But Mattias is also playing with groups such as Manngold de Cobre, Flat Earth Society and Yves Peeters. 


Matthias Lindermayr studied trumpet and composition at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich. He won the “Biberacher Jazz Award” in 2012 and the “Bluetone Award” in 2014. He won the Jazz ECHO 2014 as a member of “Monika Roscher Big Band” and plays in the Jazz Orchestra of ECHO award winner Christian Elsässer.

As the first winner of the Kurt Maas Award in 2013 he got the opportunity to spend one month at famous the Berklee College of music in Boston where he received a full tuition scholarship. He spent one more year in Boston and worked with such famous jazz musicians as Tiger Okoshi, Ralph Alessi, Sean Jones, Peter Evans, Tia Fuller and Greg Hopkins.

He is currently doing a masters degree at Jazz Institute Berlin.

His first solo album was released in May 2015 on ENJA records. It features Roberto di Gioia, Andi Haberl and Azhar Kamal among others. The first concert of his recently founded new quintet took place at the famous “Jazzclub Unterfahrt”. 


Manu Mayr is a Vienna-born bass player. Manu studied jazz and classical double bass and is currently living, working and doing other things as a freelance musician in Vienna. Manu focusses on the fields of improvised, contemporary and electronic music.

Manu had the pleasure to play with outstanding soloists, award-winning ensembles, composers, producers and friends like Kompost3, Wolfgang Mitterer, Klangforum Wien, Janus Ensemble, Ensemble Reconsil, Jazzorchester Vorarlberg, Martin Brandlmayr, Clemens Wenger, Daniel Riegler, Vincent Pongracz, antiehdas, Sixtus Preiss, Koenigleopold, radio.string.quartet vienna & John Surman, JazzBigBand Graz and many others.


Loran Witteveen (1988) is a Dutch pianist and composer based in Amsterdam. In 2014 he graduated summa cum laude from the Conservatorium of Amsterdam where he studied master jazz piano with Harmen Fraanje, Kris Goessens, Karel Boehlee and Rob van Bavel.

After winning the soloist prize in the Keep an Eye International Jazz Competition, Loran had the opportunity to go to New York and have lessons with some of the greatest players today.

He had the privilege to study with Fred Hersch, Vijay Iyer, Aaron Parks and had masterclasses from Brad Mehldau, Jason Moran and John Taylor.

Recently, he won the Dutch Jazz Competition 2014 and played at the North Sea Jazz Festival and in the Concertgebouw. Additionally, the foundation VIP (Vereniging Improviserende Podia) selected Loran to do the Young VIP tour in 2015.

opderschmelz se réjouit d'accueillir Criss Cross Europe 2015 à Dudelange, surtout que l'élu luxembourgeois pour 2015 est le batteur Pit Dahm dont la verve nous avait fort impressionnée lors du jazzmachine de cette année. Le bandleader de cette promotion est le jazzman néerlandais Ernst Reijseger.

Nous espérons que le public va venir nombreux pour entendre et applaudir cette jeunesse talentueuse!

Nous avons estimé qu'ils méritent un accompagnement digne de leur ambition et avons invité le Trio de leur bandleader Ernst Reijseger pour une deuxième partie de soirée.

Trio Reijseger Fraanje Sylla

Le récent album « Down Deep » du trio exprime une communion voire une alchimie de sons convenue par trois musiciens individualistes dans une constellation insolite. Le violoncelle est un instrument peu commun dans le jazz, alors qu’on pourrait préférer dans ce cas parler de musique improvisée. Les deux musiciens néerlandais sont parfaitement encadrés par le percussionniste sénégalais, créant une musique qui se situe assez loin de la Musique du Monde mais qui en emprunte le parfum et les saveurs.